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Chic Glam is for those seeking sophisticated glamour for urban homes. The look is one of quiet luxury with understated lavishness. A play of textures gives the glamour quotient. The colors in this scheme are muted grey tones of familiar hues of pink, teal and wine. Tender Grey, Whispering Wisteria, Diamante and Crystal River. Though subdued in color, the style is scintillating because of the sparkling touches.
  • A color Diamante behind the tufted velvet headboard and a shimmering chandelier can make any bedroom look glamorous.
  • Use of rich fabric cushions against neutral headboards add a plush contrast.
  • Rich velvety colours, a shimmer of shine in metallic hues and interesting textures can bring your bedroom to life.
  • Mother of pearl accents in accessories and an interestingly shaped metallic piece reflect light, upping the glam quotient.
  • You could opt for a canopy bed with flowing curtains and a faux fur throw for chic romantic touch.
  • Scented candles and freshly cut flowers in a mirror cut vase are other ways you can enhance the look of your chic glam bedroom.