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A room that is light and naturally bright is inviting while a room with small windows appears dark and unappealing. So what should you do if you do not get ample natural light?!

  • First things first, ensure you use your window to the greatest advantage – however small! Use complete glass panes and sheer, light curtains to let natural light in to the room. For privacy you can team it with blinds.
  • Recessed lighting or track lighting directed at a light coloured ceiling will make the room seem brighter.
  • Long vertical mirrors or glass tiles on a wall can have an impact, further brightening up a gloomy space.
  • Use table and floor lamps to add atmosphere. Ensuring all lamps are roughly at the same height will result in better lighting.
  • Light pastels and neutral coloured walls, furnishings and accessories feel lighter. Opt for a tonal paint scheme wherein you use just one colour but vary tones on adjacent walls or in the furnishings.
  • You can contrast the pastels with dark woods and medium tone fabrics but ensure there are more brightly coloured or reflective accents like metal or crystal. Reflective surfaces in décor and furniture go a long way in brightening up a room.
  • To add contrast to pale neutral walls hang a bright wall art. This will add a pop of colour and will not close in the space.