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Break free from the mundane and try out something different. Our interior designers offer interesting new trends in colour placement that will help you get started - 

  • Choose to go monochromatic with an intense colour and use different tones, depths and intensities to create your accent corner.
  • Believe it or not but wood paneling is actually rather easy to paint! You could use a primer or you could paint straight on the surface with an emulsion like Berger Silk Illusions Metallica.
  • To make a small room look larger, choose a light paint and select furnishings in the same shade albeit in different tones. Or you could paint some of the furniture to match the walls!
  • Simple patterns are easy on the eye while bold and large patterns are more impactful and add visual weight. Take your pick from an exclusive array of textures and colours available in the Berger Silk Illusions range (CROSSLINK TO Alternatively you can opt for Berger Silk Designzz (Crosslink to to create attractive stencil art on your walls!
  • Bet you never really noticed your ceiling! If your room is cramped and dark, then it is best to keep the ceiling white. However if your room is a bit more spacious you can create drama! You could even choose to create textures on your ceiling for instance or a dark colour that draws the eye to lighter coloured walls.